Steel It: Stainless Steel Liquid Coating 316L

Manufactured by Stainless Steel Coatings Inc. – USA, STEEL IT is not a simple paint but a real coating made of AISI 316 L stainless steel micro-flakes embedded in special blends of polyurethane, epoxy or silicone resins. The particular product formulation  leads the micro-flakes to the surface of the painted piece, in order to form, after curing, an uninterrupted layer of stainless steel with superior resistance to humidity, corrosion and abrasion in the most difficult environments in industrial, civil and marine sectors.
The use of carbon steel coated with instead of stainless steel, allows considerable savings both on the cost of base material and thanks to its higher weldability and working easiness. In addition, it allows avoiding the loss of stainless steel characteristics in the welded zones, as the coating is made after this operation.
STEEL IT is packed in USA units: Gallon = 3,780 litres Quart   =  0,945 litres Aerosol 14 oz. =  400 ml Aerosol   7 oz.  = 200 ml
Available packing for every type is shown in the relevant technical sheets.

STEEL IT includes various “systems”– each one composed of primer and finish coat – and “formulations” to meet the most different requests of coating and protection:

  • Polyurethane system
  • Epoxy system
  • Low VOC epoxy system
  • Semi gloss epoxy system
  • High temperature formulation
STEEL IT meets the requirements of Italian D.M. 21/3/1973 (as updated) for contact with several foods and beverages and drinking water. See table B. The polyurethane and epoxy systems are also USDA (United States Department for Agriculture) approved for use in the food, beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries where incidental contact with food may occur.