High temperature silicone formula


Against corrosion of those parts which are normally damaged by high temperature

The one component formula for high temperature type 5903 is a blend of silicone resins where AISI 316 L stainless steel micro flakes of various sizes have been embedded.

It resists up to 200° C.


Against corrosion of those parts which are normally damaged by high temperature cycles.


Boilers, mufflers, pipes, barbecues, motors, fireplaces, chimneys, oven doors, etc.

SURFACESSteel, aluminium, copper, cast iron and other metals.


Treat with a hand or electric metallic brush, after completely removing dirt, grease, oil and every other pollutant.

Preferably sand blast to SA 2 or 2½ to obtain the best results, especially in case of severe applications and temperatures over 260° C


At least 2 consecutive coats of 75 µ dry/325 µ wet each coat. Apply 3 coats of 75 µ dry/325 µ wet each coat for severe applications regarding corrosion and/or temperature.

Note: Film thickness on sand blasted surfaces should be measured up from the peaks of the anchor pattern.

– Conventional spray gun with vertical reservoir, nozzle 1,6 – 1,8  mm.,  nozzle pressure 4 – 4,5 bar.
– Airless gun pump ratio 28:1 nozzle size 0,4 – 0,5 mm.
– Brush. Roller.
– Do not apply by dipping.
Clean tools (especially nozzles) immediately after use with a commercial solvent.
Note: The stainless steel flakes tend to make a deposit on the bottom of the can and therefore we recommend stirring the product frequently before and during application. A possible presence of small lumps due to stocking time is normal; they can be eliminated easily by accurate stirring.
We strongly recommend using a low speed electric mixer in every stirring operation in order to obtain the best adhesion and protection results.

Not recommended. The addition of a thinner might loosen the resin/flakes molecular matrix, thus lowering the anti corrosion properties of the system.

Contrary to other types of silicone-based high temperature coatings which do not dry in open air, Steel it 5903 is touch dry in 1 hour and can be over coated after another hour. Complete drying is reached after 24 hours. After spraying all the coats the paint requires a minimum of 30 minutes in the oven at 200° C to completely cure and reach optimum hardness and resistance properties. An additional curing is performed during service.

Theoretical coverage 3 sm/lt. at 75 µ dry.

Minimum application temperature 5° C for both working place and surface to coat.  Relative humidity less than 86%.

Use breathing mask for spray applications.
Apply only in well ventilated areas.
Use hand protection gloves.
Do not swallow, do not breathe aerosols.
A detailed safety data sheet is included in every parcel and is available upon request


Occasional contact Frequent contact
Custer oil Glycerine Distilled water
Sunseed oil Glucose Drinking water
Lineseed oil Fruit juice Acrylic emulsion
Peanut oil Hexane Ethylene glycol
Fish oil Kerosene Vaseline
Sea water Gasoline
Turpentine VM&P naphtha
Detergents Brine
Diesel fuel Aqueous alcohol 40%
Alum. sulphate 20%



Technical Data

 CPS viscosity:
 Metallic (*)
 low gloss
 Total solid: by weight
 Total solid: by volume
 Shelf life:
 1 year
 V.O.C.: gr/litre
 Weight per gallon: kilos

(*) See colour chart – V.O.C. = volatile organic compounds





Product Code Unit Litres Units per box Weight per box Kilos
ST.5903Q 0,945   6 Cans 8
ST.5903 G 3,780   4 Cans 22

(*) Used only for touch-ups and small works