About us

We have been working in the field of industrial paints for over 50 years. We recently became official importers for Italy of the brand STEEL IT manufactured by STAINLESS STEEL COATINGS, INC.  U.S.A.

Therefore, we are now able to offer a wide range of painting products, thus meeting the needs of an evolving and demanding market.

Thanks to our long-term experience, we can provide many painting solutions for several types of support.

The STEEL IT brand allows us to target those sectors where resistance is an issue as well as food contact; these include:

  • Packaging lines,
  • Food-processing lines
  • Metal working such as tanks, cranes, gateways, deck equipment, metal building and so on,
  • Sports racing motor-vehicles (cars and motorbikes).

STEEL IT products comply with all European regulations as for safety and environment protection (REACH, ROHS).

They have been sold in the Italian market for over 20 years and are used by important manufacturing companies to protect their products.

STEEL IT: Stainless Steel Liquid Coating

In our website you will find information about the products we provide. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here and filling the request form.